[CASSETTE] Rainbowdragoneyes - The Secret Mirror

Image of [CASSETTE] Rainbowdragoneyes - The Secret Mirror

The Secret Mirror on Analogue Cassette Tape, only available here and never available on CD!

These are professionally manufactured, emerald green chrome cassette tapes with full-color inserts.

This is the standard edition cassette, with digital download included. As a bonus you may choose the "Instruction Manual" option if you would like to bundle it with the instruction manual from the Special Edition GameBoy™ Box.


1) Discovery Daring & Divine
2) The Blade Chose Me
3) The Secret Mirror
4) The Rift
5) Fortress Ov Frost
6) Empire Ov Endless Glory
7) Ancient Slumber
8) Starvved
9) The Waking World